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Luthier Paolo Coriani in his workshop

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Paolo Coriani luthier

classical guitars
acoustic guitars
hurdy gurdies nyckelharpas

I have been making and repairing classical guitars, steel string guitars, hurdy gurdies and nyckelharpas since 1975.
My instruments are based on classic and personalized models which have been perfected after many years of work and study. The wood I use has been naturally seasoned for a minimum of 12 years, some for as much as 25 and 40 years.
I work and cut most of the wood used myself in the construction of my instruments.
I have throughout my 30 year working life always bought more wood than I use which means that today I have impressive supplies of all the finest materials used in instrument making.
I use traditional guitar making techniques, but I won’t discard modern methods and materials if they help me achieve better results.
I work in humidity controlled conditions in my workshop. All finishes are completed according to traditional methods and only the most suitable varnishes are applied to each individual instrument.
I use a varied range of methods and materials when it comes to restoration work. My intervention is minimal, I rigorously ensure that the instrument remains faithful to the original once I have made a careful assessment of its condition.

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