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My acoustic guitars

Right from the very early days, when I opened my steel stringed acoustic guitarworkshop, I began making steel string guitars.

the inside of an acoustic guitarHarp Guitars & Dreadnoughts
Some of my guitars are based on famous old local and Italian instruments, even those with the lower strings laying off the fingerboard, known today as Harp guitars, others are more modern and inspired by American guitars.
My corpus of work includes Dreadnought guitars, examples of which I use to guide me in making my own version.

Steel String Guitars
I use as models for my instruments guitars dating from the 30ís and 40ís, a truly golden era in steel string guitar making.
the inside of an acoustic guitar

M model with Kasha soundboard
My interest and research into groundbreaking techniques in guitar making and, dare I say it, new sound worlds, have led to my coming into contact with other innovative makers. So I combine traditional models with a Kasha guitar design made nowadays by a few of guitar makers the inside of a soundboard of tha Kasha acoustic guitarin the world.

I varnish my guitars with a nitro lacquer ,hand polished but the soundboard can upon request be French polished with detail of the rosette and bridgea shellac to give the instrument a deeper resonance and best sounding.

Each element of my instruments is individually made, from the thick nessing of the soundboard to the shape of the the soundboards and back's bars.
The final set up of the nut, neck and bridge is achieved by meticulously working the fingerboard and employing a double action detail of the rosette and binding on the fingerboardtruss rod.
All my guitars are capable of being fitted with amplification systems at a later stage.



Acoustic guitar models:
Dreadnought guitar
Grand Auditorium
Grand Auditorium
Mini Jumbo / M
M model Kasha soundboard


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